Conversations 101

A conversation between my brain and my heart. Blackish Blackish? Yes. Why Blackish? I dunno. Maybe because all my jokes come from there.  Most of my jokes. And you don’t want to have a wife who won’t understand your jokes,  right? Yes. And I watch an episode of Blackish almost every day. What the…? Yeah,  … More Conversations 101


So this is me trying to test myself, to be sure I am still fine, to be sure that I still have this thing called the writing skill. Well, I think I do – at least, I have been able to write a number of words in the last few seconds. I think that’s a … More XpressMusic

She is Doxa

  Writing is like digging and mining something; it takes time and effort. Oni Oladunni   The line above is the reason why I have not written anything since I got back from Niger state. It’s not exactly because there are no stories to tell. Trust me, there are a ton of stories to tell. … More She is Doxa

All Sisters Brother

When I asked Shae to tell me her story, she said I wouldn’t understand. And really, even though I can understand her story, I think I can understand why she would think I cannot understand. Even I cannot understand my own story. It’s very complicated. Rocket science is easier to understand, she said. I smiled … More All Sisters Brother


“To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves.” ― Federico García Lorca, Blood Wedding and Yerma There are those who stalk me, both physically and spiritually, those who watch every single step I take and do not forget one single thing I say. These are … More Static…