The Price of Love

  Did I remember to tell you? Did you remember to ask me? Or, Have you seen beauty for free in the market? Have you seen ‘fresh’ oranges in a basket?   Listen, Love is not sold on the streets. Lust is not sold in boutiques. Love is not a free antique. Father needs pay … More The Price of Love

A Letter to Wale.

Do you know the reason behind your name? No? Of course, you know there is a reason behind you bearing Wale. Africans names are always known for their indepth meaning and source. If you see a girl bearing, Togunleyi, run away. The name mean ‘This belongs to Ogun.’ Abi, you want to be competing with … More A Letter to Wale.


A brilliant smile appears on your face as the driver announces that you are now in Ogbomoso. Home. Very soon, the driver parks. You alight and then wait for the fair girl you have come with to do the same. Then you both move to the boot to get her traveling bag. And then you … More Home

For Father’s Day

How are you? How is everything about you? I got a message from you now that you are on your way to your station. Safe journey. Hope the driver is driving responsibly? If he is not, kindly tell him to slow down. Tell him you are not in a hurry to end the journey neither are you in a hurry to end your life. Tell him you have a wonderful son who needs you more than anything. So, he should chill and in case he is tired of this life with all its crises, he should kindly not take you people, his passengers on his way to Sheol. … More For Father’s Day