A brilliant smile appears on your face as the driver announces that you are now in Ogbomoso. Home. Very soon, the driver parks. You alight and then wait for the fair girl you have come with to do the same. Then you both move to the boot to get her traveling bag. And then you realize it’s no where to be found. You want to rush to the driver and punch him in the face and shout that you told him to put the bag into the boot in front of you but he said you shouldn’t worry. Now you have to return to Ife to get the traveling bag. Besides why is this girl taking this huge bag home. Shey she thinks we won’t return to school again ni? These are the type of people that will make this strike extend for months.

     As you make to confront the driver, he comes and brings out the bag from beneath one of the seats. You sigh and let your anger die before the sun rises. You and the fair girl walk over to the Okada stand and you watch her climb one and wave as the thing zooms off. And then you climb one and feel the cool air as the Okada zooms off.

On getting home, you realize that in your absence, so many things have changed. There is this little girl that calls you Ini. That is one of the first words she will ever say. She is just a baby. You would have lobed it if she could call Michael and you would have taught her how to but the look on her face as though she just let go of a weight after calling just Ini make you give up the struggle. And now. Because you have been away for almost a month, she will no longer be able to call your name. She will look at your face and think, ‘Who’s this stranger from the North?’ This has taught me a lesson, nothing waits for nothing. Nobody waits for nobody.

Many things have changed. The number of goats and hens has reduced. Everywhere has suddenly become more quiet than usual. People no longer walk around lazily like beasts of no nation. Everybody now moves with a mission. Even the goats now walk with purpose. Perhaps one of them walked into a bookstore and saw Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life and thought it was a nice book and SK he read it. And then after reading, he gave to his friends to read and all the goats read it and thought, ‘We too can discover our purpose!’ And now they have.

I have learnt that time waits for nobody. During my absence, many things have happened. Goats have discovered purpose, hens have gone for family planning, and the grasses have dried up…one thing that am still uncomfortable with. They did not wait for me to come and take care of them. They just dried up like that. Imagine! Only that tall tree behind the house is standing strong. I guess he is proud of himself now. You know, that kind of pride we will one day have when we finally get to see Jesus after all this wait. Yeah! The tree is proud.

Anyway, am home. And home is where the heart belongs. Now, the next thing is to make the best out of this situation that am in. OAU waits for nobody. Nobody should wait for OAU.

Welcome home.


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