History Will Remember Us.

History will remember us

How you led us to the gallows

Amidst cheers from your wicked fellows.

How you inserted us into ropes

And then you let go…you let go… … More History Will Remember Us.


The Priest

  No one jokes with the priest. I do not know why he is called Priest, maybe because he used to pastor the Anglican church near Onuma’s house before he was accused of raping Kalichi. Some say he was a Catholic before he became an Anglican and that it was in his Catholic years that … More The Priest

Sharing Experience

If you look closely at that picture, you will see that I am not smiling. This is not because not I was hungry or anything. I wasn’t hungry and someone had not just slapped me. I was just not happy. My Ayee, my teacher and I had just had a hard talk. You see, when … More Sharing Experience

Charges Against Me.

They sent me to prison They say I cover the sins of the righteous and reveal the truth of the liars; but am just a small boy called Silas putting ink down on paper. They say I hate the hungry farmers they say I loathe the poor people people as fat as Grandma‚Äôs needle; but … More Charges Against Me.


Peace House, Akowonjo, Ogbomoso. March 15, 2016. OPEYEMI. Opeyemi, you are the only girl to grace the beautiful pages of my diary. What a lucky girl you are! No – no. What a lucky guy I am to you have you in my diary, in my heart. I do not know why I’m writing this … More Opeyemi