History Will Remember Us.

Spill the blood if you wish
Break the bones if you can

Set the flesh on fire

Destroy the soul

Bury the body

Even, kill the spirit.
And because you are the goddess of history

Because you are the controller of time

Because you are the unjust chief justice

Because you are the lawless lawyer

Our death will be swept beneath the rug of time

And not a pint of dust will be left.

You lie!
History will remember us

History will remember today

History will remember you too

How you undressed justice in the marketplace

And raped democracy right in our face

How you slit the throat of truth

And killed the only hope in our youth.
History will remember us

How you led us to the gallows

Amidst cheers from your wicked fellows.

How you inserted us into ropes

And then you let go…you let go…
Destroy the soul

Burn the body

Kill the spirit


History will remember today

The day we dangled to death.


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