My Worst Fear.

​ Today, my worst fear came to life.  Wait. Do you have fears? Are you like me? Is there anything you are very much afraid of? Come one, don’t tell me nothing! I know many parents are scared. Scared of so many things. Some are scared that on a cold day in November, their only … More My Worst Fear.

You And The Man.

You see a rope You see useless thing without life You walk on. He sees a rope He sees an end to all hope He sees a weapon that takes life He sees much more than a rope. You walk into a café You see a red chair You see a beautiful colour  You order … More You And The Man.

Managing Your Freedom

​ The thing about posting something like ‘Childhood is sweet’ on Facebook is that you get to see angry kids come and attack you. It’s like they have their own association. Maybe something along the line of Association of Nigerian Kids on Facebook (ANKF). And they have meeting days. Venue is a secret Facebook group. … More Managing Your Freedom

Sex on Sunday

        Joy made sure she sat in the front pew that Sunday morning. She would make sure the pastor saw her. She would keep starring at him in the eyes until their eyes met. Until he reacted. She did not care how he did it. If he liked, he should clear his … More Sex on Sunday