You And The Man.

You see a rope
You see useless thing without life

You walk on.

He sees a rope

He sees an end to all hope

He sees a weapon that takes life

He sees much more than a rope.
You walk into a café

You see a red chair

You see a beautiful colour 

You order chicken and chips

He walks into the cafe

He sees a red chair

Suicide weapons almost complete.

No other colour to cover blood than red.
You set you food down 

And begin in gluttony to gulp down

You eat and drink and watch TV

You are enjoying the rolling fan

Until the café is about to close down

You take your things and leave

He sneaks to the back and tied his rope 

To the source of your own enjoyment

To his own suicide weapon – the fan

You insert the key to your car outside

He inserts his head into the rope

You enter and drive away

He closes his eyes and drives out

Out of the café, out of the world, out of life.

You and the man.


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