A Mother’s Love

​ I. If love is the flower that grows on the tree I will understand why Jesus died on a tree If love is the pain you feel for me I will understand why you still cry for me. Pray for me, sing for me, and think about me I will understand why you provide … More A Mother’s Love

Like Mary.

When I first got my sister’s message, I was overjoyed.  It was a Sunday. I do not usually take my phone to church so I left it at home that Sunday and went to the church with mum and dad. Church was great. Our pastor preached about unfaithfulness in marriage. I liked the message because … More Like Mary.


I. Yesterday, Your sweet lips brought forth sweet melody You spoke beautiful words devoid of melancholy Your small hands held mine in prayers Prayers for our brothers, fathers and mothers. Your straight legs shone brightly After our wash by the river that night. But, II. Today,  Love, you are gone with the wind With the … More Haiti