Like Mary.

When I first got my sister’s message, I was overjoyed.  It was a Sunday. I do not usually take my phone to church so I left it at home that Sunday and went to the church with mum and dad.
Church was great. Our pastor preached about unfaithfulness in marriage. I liked the message because I knew I would soon get married and as one who was searching for the right man, one needed to listen to many Christian sermons on marriage so as not to make the wrong choice. So I paid rapt attention that day, nodding when our pastor made an important point and quickly putting it down in my jotter.

I noticed that many married men and women were uneasy during the service; including mum and dad. Why would they not feel uneasy when both of them were cheating on each other? The ‘fascinating thing’ (as my sister would call it) was that neither of them knew the other was cheating and we both – my sister and I – knew.

My sister was not the church type. She went to church, occasionally:  Easter, Christmas and the likes. She was the one who caught dad cheating.  I knew she would not have worried if not that he was with our deacon’s wife. That day, my sister sent me a message, telling me she was in hotel with her boyfriend and that she just saw dad. I could not believe it so she sent me pictures. That night, I did not sleep until she returned home the next morning. Together, both of us confronted dad and he pleaded with us not to tell mum. But still, he did not stop. Still, he kept on sleeping with our deacon’s wife.

I was the one who caught mother. My sister, mum and I were in the sitting room that day watching TV.  Dad had travelled. Then mum went to the toilet. While there, message was delivered to her phone. I told my sister to pick it up and go give it to mum but she was too engrossed in the movie we were watching that she did not even answer me. So I picked it up to go give it to her. As I got to the door, I subconsciously opened the message. To my horror, it read;

“My dear, I’m at Lush Hotels. Are you still coming?”

Various thoughts rushed to my mind.  I rushed  back to my sister and  gave her the  phone. She read it and hissed. She did not seem surprised, just a little disappointed. That day, mum knelt down for us, begging us to please keep quiet. I could hardly believe it. Both of my parents were cheating? 

Maybe it was in their genes. Maybe it was in our genes too. Maybe that was why I allowed our Biology teacher in SS 2 to touch my breasts while he was teaching Reproductive System. Maybe that was why my sister would lie naked on the bed at dawn or pose seductively in the bathroom as she took selfies and sent to various guys. Maybe that was why her box was full of erotic novels that made her pinch me and fall in love with the pillows at night. Maybe it was all in our genes.

So I was not surprised now that dad flinched and mum shifted uneasily while pastor elaborated more on sexual immorality. Both of them were glancing at me from time to time. None of them knew what the other was doing. Shame!

They were glad when the pastor ended the service and we all drove home in silence.  

I went to my room immediately and checked my phone. I had two missed calls and a message to read. They were all from my sister. I opened the message, and it read: 

“Kenny, the Holy Spirit came upon me, yesterday.”

I could hardly believe it. Taiwo? Holy Spirit? 

Maybe it was true after all that NYSC do bring people to Christ.

Exhilarated, I typed a very long reply; telling her to be praying in the Holy Spirit all the time, to  stop sending her nudes to demonic guys, read her bible daily, stop wearing lipsticks, stop putting on makeup; and many others. After a 300 words reply, I pressed SEND and watched as my phone changed SENT to DELIVERED. 

My sister did not reply until midnight. I was already on my bed getting ready to sleep when my phone beeped. It was a message from her. I opened it in a hurry and afterwards, I wished I had not. The message read, 

“Kenny, you don’t understand. The Holy Spirit came upon me…like Mary. I’m pregnant.”

I did not know what to do or say or think. Like Mary?  Why Mary? Why now Peter or Paul or someone else but Mary? 

As I read that message over and over again, those words stuck to me badly:

The Holy Spirit came upon me…like Mary…Mary.


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