The Sins of Adam



This is how it begins:

There is Donna and there is Rhoda.

Donna is smart and witty.

Rhoda is beautiful and sexy:

There is a different star in the sky

She is the descendant of Madonna.

Her eyes the color of the moon

On a vampire’s night

Her legs, straight,

Like the two pillars that hold the planet in place.


There is wit and there is beauty.

The son of man is living in a bottle of beer

He has just lost all he has

His name, his title, his job,

Man’s a shell of himself

Nothing more than a walking corpse

A UFO trailing the sky.

He is in need of love and care

And our friend will not find this in a book

Or in the solace of good music

Instead, he takes to the bottle


They say the bottle controls the brain

Well, who am I to argue that

I have never been a victim of the bottle

But I can speak for the brain

And I know how it went down with our friend

The bottle consumed him whole

And one night, when the devil was walking around in heels

Adam saw her and froze

She had eyes like Medusa

Who could resist her gaze?



In one word, Adam fell for Rhoda.

There is a darkness in the heart of man

Quiet and still like a wet rat

It only waits for a little sun

To dry the water off its fur

And then it starts to creep around.

This darkness came in the middle of the night

When the moon met with the sun

And the earth fell into total darkness

Only to reveal light at dawn

Suddenly, our man is seeing right.


I think I don’t love you anymore, Rhoda

You don’t love me anymore?

I think I don’t love you anymore.

Why? What? Why would you say that?

I am sorry. It was fun while it lasted.

What? No, Adam! What are you talking about?

Is there somebody else?

Our friend has blended with the night.


Do you know the color of darkness

Or the color of ice when it is still cold?

Have you seen tears drop from Medusa’s gaze?

It is like watching heaven

Spill out all the horror in it

And the demons that have stayed hidden for eons

From this one, there is no turning back.

I repeat, there is no turning back

Rhoda is living in the arc of the moon now

Who will marry the daughter of the wolf?


Adam is a creature of sin

Decisions taken from the bottle do not last for long

How about those taken outside the bottle?

Like the one he took after Rhoda?

How he saw Donna and his eyes popped

His brain could not grab her wit

And her intelligence was too much for him to handle

And for decades he wondered

And thought of centuries

If he could match up to her.


Imagine that Adam gives up on the competition

But goes ahead to buy a flower

Imagine that she accepts the flower

And they begin to grow a garden

Imagine that all this happen

And Donna is the love of Adam

What will happen when next the bottle comes

Strolling into the room like a drunkard?

Imagine that we are walking on the surface of Mercury

What will happen if we slip?

Just imagine!





7 thoughts on “The Sins of Adam

  1. If we slip…..
    We could Fall into the water,kick around and come to the surface then we wait,for a rescue to come,like Jack and Rose but this time,Jack lives,we stay ashore , waiting for the sun to dry our wet clothes and body ,we can then wait for the next bottle to come ,and make another decision that could last,after drowning ourselves,in the ocean of the bottle.

    Well, you told me to imagine and I did.
    This is a very nice writing,Deep!

    Liked by 1 person

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