The Sins of Adam

  This is how it begins: There is Donna and there is Rhoda. Donna is smart and witty. Rhoda is beautiful and sexy: There is a different star in the sky She is the descendant of Madonna. Her eyes the color of the moon On a vampire’s night Her legs, straight, Like the two pillars … More The Sins of Adam

Row! Row!! Row!!!

​ here is another long one: silver is golden, value one and you will get the other sing songs. tell tales of those who have gone before you who let loose their sails when the waves came rocking. seal songs: tear tales of those who reached the shore and said no. shameless as a whore … More Row! Row!! Row!!!

Broken Lines.

Hello friends, in my last post I promised to write about my absence and why I stopped blogging for a while. This is one of the reasons: During my absence, I was passing through a difficult psychological phase. I wasn’t myself. I was thinking of making decisions I knew I shouldn’t be making. I was … More Broken Lines.


​ Silence. 1. Silence was what you said when the walls of Jericho fell and you watched with pain and heard them tell to everyone on the streets the sacred secrets Of all that happened the day she revealed her secrets her nakedness, her body, herself. 2. Silence was what you said when seduction met … More Silence

A Mother’s Love

​ I. If love is the flower that grows on the tree I will understand why Jesus died on a tree If love is the pain you feel for me I will understand why you still cry for me. Pray for me, sing for me, and think about me I will understand why you provide … More A Mother’s Love


I. Yesterday, Your sweet lips brought forth sweet melody You spoke beautiful words devoid of melancholy Your small hands held mine in prayers Prayers for our brothers, fathers and mothers. Your straight legs shone brightly After our wash by the river that night. But, II. Today,  Love, you are gone with the wind With the … More Haiti

You And The Man.

You see a rope You see useless thing without life You walk on. He sees a rope He sees an end to all hope He sees a weapon that takes life He sees much more than a rope. You walk into a café You see a red chair You see a beautiful colour  You order … More You And The Man.